Emergency Dentist

If there’s one thing I try to avoid at all costs, it’s going to the dentist. Yes, I’m an adult. Yes, I’m a big girl now. I can’t help it. Even the thought of going to the dentist brings me out in a cold sweat. I hate it SO MUCH! Too many traumatic experiences as a child. You know how it is.

There are times, though, where you have to (try to) suck it up. You HAVE to go to the dentist. It is not optional.

I was doing well. 5 years since my last visit to the dreaded dentist. (I know, it’s bad, but this is the choice I chose to make).


Picture the scene:

Friday morning. I am feeling a little low in the sugar levels, so I decide to have something to eat to give me some energy. Food of choice? Biscuit. Not, like, a typical robust in texture kind of biscuit. No. This biscuit was soft. I repeat: S O F T.

So I take a bite. So far so good…WHEN SUDDENLY!!

*crunch crunch CRUNCH*

[[NB I did not feel any pain or discomfort at this point.]]

My tooth. Broken. In half.



Cue the rising panic.

I research emergency dentists in the area, and realise that even getting there is going to be a challenge. Having recently moved to a new location, I don’t know the surrounding areas so well yet, and the public transport is not as frequent or reliable as the city transport network I’m used to.

Long story short:

Saturday morning. I call the number for the (nearest) local emergency surgery to me. I get an appointment, and after a crisis with the public transport, my housemate kindly drives me there.

She did a great job of keeping me calm too – I was next-level freaking out – and she came with me and held my hand while the dentist took a look and sorted things out. I panicked in the room, but the dentist and my housemate looked after me.

I now have a temporary filling, and the dentist gave me a recommendation for a couple of surgeries that offer sedation. I am going to look into this because I will, at some point, have to have the rest of this broken tooth sorted out. If I can have the work done without having to have a panic attack then I will consider going to the dentist more regularly again.


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