Into The Wild

I have officially made the transition from full-time education into the adult world. I am now a graduate. I have one of those obnoxiously expensive undergraduate degrees…and I am VERY proud of myself. It hasn’t been an easy ride, but I made it through.

Was it worth it?

Being at university is hard enough as it is. Being at university with an eating disorder and depression is even harder. I can’t deny that there were times when I was close to giving up. (There were many. I even said it out loud. A lot). And without the support from my handful of nearest and dearest, I probably would have called it quits. HOWEVER. I didn’t give up. I stuck it out because I knew that I would regret it for the rest of my life if I didn’t. Life is too short to have too many regrets.

In other news…

I managed to get myself a job. (Yay!!) PLUS I get to move to the seaside. I can’t wait. The next adventure is just around the corner…and in the meantime, I can now enjoy the rest of my summer without feeling guilty about not spending my time applying for jobs. Result.

I have also decided to take a break from Skyrim. I am instead investing my time in replaying Bioshock Infinite. At least now I don’t need to hide from my reality by playing video games. I can take a break from it instead.

So most importantly, this week I have learned that it is okay to feel like quitting. But I have also learned that if you stick at something, eventually the results will sway in your favour. Everything happens for a reason, and ultimately everything works out how it is meant to.

Don’t quit.

No regrets.


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