Don’t panic. This is not permanent.

I am starting to think that maybe I have too much time on my hands…I miss having a structured life.

Time for a reality check.

I’ve had a week to settle in at home, but what have I actually done with my time?

I left the house a grand total of 4 times. Once for a job interview, once just to get outside, once to go drinking with my brother, and once to visit an old friend. So far…so…good…? I know it’s only been a week since I left university, I should cut myself some slack. I have made at least some progress with my new way of life.

Exhibit A: Routine. (Relevant on most days, exclusively but not limited to those where I don’t have to leave the house).
Be out of bed by 10:00. Breakfast. Coffee. Play Skyrim until I think of something better to do.
The couch potato lifestyle is easy to adopt, but it gets old fast. And let’s face it – while my Skyrim character is highly skilled, being able to dual-wield destruction magic is not really appropriate to reality.

Exhibit B: Creative use of free time. (When inspiration strikes).
Couch potato life aside, I have also put this excess time to more constructive use. For instance, I finally got around to finishing a music project that I started around a year ago. It’s on Soundcloud: – I’m very proud of it. I am also finding that I have the motivation to create more music, too, I just have to tease the ideas out little by little. I am also playing in an orchestra that one of my old teachers runs. This gives me some violin music to learn, and a reason to leave the house at least once a week. My first rehearsal is tonight, and I’m really looking forward to it.

Exhibit C: GET A JOB!
I don’t want to be living with my parents forever, which brings me to the other thing I’ve been dedicating my free time to this week…every graduate’s worst nightmare: JOB APPLICATIONS. (Yay). It’s a draining process, and it’s frustrating. Nothing quite says “welcome to the real world” like yet another apologetic rejection email. ‘Thank you for your time, but I regret to inform you that on this occasion you were unsuccessful.’

I repeat my mantra to myself: “Don’t panic. This is not permanent.”


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